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The new realities of a physician assistant acheduling

Posted on 5/27/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, more Americans have access to health insurance than ever before. With the influx of health care needs, there is a growing demand for more medical professionals. Physician assistants, in particular, are in exceptionally high demand. In fact, it is not unusual for even a small medical practice to have at least one physician assistant and larger practices and hospitals to have several on staff.

Physician assistants have become an integral part of the medical field, as they are able to perform the same duties that only doctors were once able to do, such as performing comprehensive medical examinations, prescribing medications, ordering lab work, diagnosing patients, and even aiding with surgical procedures.

With the influx of physician assistants coupled with the growing patient base at hospitals and medical practices, shift scheduling for a medical practice or hospital can be a challenge. In order to simplify the process of nurse, nurse practitioners, physician assistant and physician scheduling, medical practices and hospitals are using shift scheduling software. The software not only makes it easier to create schedules, but it also ensures that physician assistants are scheduled at the times that they are needed the most. The latter of which is vital to quality patient care.

New Scheduling Needs

The scheduling needs for physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners varies. The type of practice or hospital, the location of the practice and hospital and the amount of patients are all components that are taken into consideration when scheduling shifts. For example, in a small practice, a physician assistant may only be needed on days when a lot of patients are scheduled for appointments.

However, in a large practice, several assistants may be scheduled, and they often work fulltime. In hospitals, physician assistants may be more likely to work nights, weekends and holidays.

The Benefits of Shift Scheduling Software

From emergency medical scheduling to scheduling regular appointments at a doctor’s office, this innovative software offers so many benefits for medical practices and hospitals, as well as patients. Some of the most notable benefits of this software include:

Saves Time – With this software, it is easy to accommodate various schedules, including compressed work weeks, rotating schedules and emergency scheduling, as the software automatically schedules the medical professionals based on their needs and the needs of the patients. Improves Care – Because it can schedule the most qualified staff at the appropriate times, this software can help to better meet patient needs. Modifications are Simplified – If a doctor, physician assistant, nurse or nurse practitioner needs to request a change in the schedule, this software simplifies schedule changing.

Allows for Better Communication – With a message wall and SMS alerts, the medical staff and the scheduling staff have better communication with each other. Have you tried shift scheduling or emergency medicine scheduling software yet? If so, how has it helped to improve your medical practice?

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