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Tired of manual scheduling try emergency medicine scheduling software

Posted on 2/17/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency departments need to be properly staffed day and night. They also need an effective workforce management solution that is able to provide them with real-time staffing updates.

Due to 24/7 staffing requirements and high clinician burnout rate, scheduling is one of the most challenging tasks for emergency department managers. With physician scheduling, you have to ensure that things like patient flow fluctuations, staff shortages, physician preferences, overtime, vacations, and overcrowding are addressed at all times. With emergency medicine scheduling software, thankfully, these challenges are alleviated.

Benefits of Physician Scheduling Over Manual

Having to conduct your shift scheduling manually can be tedious and time consuming. There are many benefits to using this type of software, including:

  • Managing personal preferences easily.
  • Prioritizing staff work schedules.
  • Ensuring proper coverage.
  • Customizing rules to fit any physician group size.
  • Requesting and swapping vacations online.
  • Distributing calls fairly and tracking their statistics.
  • Syncing schedules to cellphones.
  • Notifying the department automatically of schedule changes.
  • Emergency medicine scheduling software takes your clinicians' availability into consideration over any time period and automatically distributes each person's shifts appropriately based on their availability.

Other Features

Besides all of the above features of emergency medicine scheduling software, there are others worth noting.

Mobile Apps

Many shift scheduling systems are updated through messy methods like Post-It notes on bulletin boards or through email, while the original schedule remains unchanged. Methods like this keep you sitting at your desk having to sift through a bunch of papers or emails to see if there are any requests or swaps, and can mean important changes are missed by the people they affect.

Your day is busy enough and you most likely don’t have time to walk over to the bulletin board several times a day for updates. Mobile apps synced right into the software can be your answer.

A mobile app allows you to look at your schedules and update them as needed from your tablet or smartphone. You can contact staff members, make requests and get updated on any schedule change notifications, even if you're away from your desk

Track Time

Shift scheduling software enables you to track attendance and export the data easily into your payroll system. You have the ability to measure shift differentials using either your smartphone or touch-screen kiosks to clock in. Because this software enables time tracking, you can significantly improve fluctuations between under and overtime.

Fast Request Processing

You can easily process shift swaps, CMEs, vacation days and more -- and it's all automated. You can even program in which requests you would like to be approved automatically and which ones you wish to review manually first. Each request can be screened to meet your policies and rules, and you can even set up the software to block certain requests that violate any of them.

Overall, scheduling software is designed for the emergency department's high pressure scheduling environment. It takes the hassle out of the process of scheduling, enabling you to create schedules accurately, quickly and fairly. This frees up your time to get other important tasks done efficiently.

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