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Top features of ER scheduling programs

Posted on 6/24/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
It’s no secret that hospitals are a busy place. From the ER to each individual department, there is a constant flow of patients who are being admitted and discharged into a hospital. In order to service all of these patients, a hospital employs a huge staff, from surgeons and specialty doctors to physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

If you are a scheduling manager of a hospital, you know how difficult it can be to successfully create schedules for all of these individuals. You have to ensure that all departments are fully staffed, while also attending to the needs of the professionals. How can you juggle it all? With shift scheduling software.

What is Emergency Medicine Scheduling Software

This software allows a scheduling manager to create the schedules for the medical professionals in a hospital with ease. The software eliminates the guesswork and simplifies the entire process – not just for the manager, but for the people who are being scheduled, as well.

With that said, here’s a look at some of the features that a high quality physician scheduling software will have.

Automatically Generated Scheduling

The software should be able to automatically generate the schedules for the medical staff, which allows you to gain immediate access to a schedule. Once a schedule is generated, it can easily be modified to meet individual needs.

Time Off Requests

A good scheduling software tool will include a request time off feature. With this feature, all the medical professionals need to do is access the software and implement any days or times that they may need to have off. This will allow you to easily see who is available when, which will enable you to make a schedule that fits everyone’s needs.

Shift Trade

Let’s say that you created a schedule, but one of the ER doctors has a child who is home with a high fever and the doctor wants to stay home with the little one. A shift trading feature will allow doctors and other professionals to easily swap out their shifts, ensuring that all areas of the hospital are fully staffed at all times.

Speedy Communication

In order to successfully create an emergency medicine schedule, communication is vital. If the needs of the medical staff and your needs aren’t being properly addressed, major issues could eventually arise.

A high quality hospital scheduling software will ensure that the people you are creating schedules for are actually available during certain times. The medical professionals can also use the scheduling software to communicate their individual needs with the scheduling manner.

Syncing Option

The software should also contain a syncing option, which will allow the professionals to sync the schedules that you create directly to their smart devices, including phones, tablets and computers.

These are the top features of ER scheduling software, but other great features include how easy it is to use and the ability to review scheduling reports.

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