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Top five features of Emergency Room Physician scheduling software

Posted on 12/17/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency room physician scheduling software offers a full range of features for the schedule administrator as well as the provider. These benefits alone make the software a worthwhile investment and that’s just the beginning. These are five of the top features of shift scheduling software that make it an outstanding investment for any emergency medical facility.

Benefits for Scheduling Administrators

Scheduling administrators are generally busy people. Every minute matters and the right scheduling software can save endless hours of tedious planning month after month. These are few of the benefits you’ll enjoy in your physician scheduling activities when you use emergency medicine scheduling software to do the heavy lifting.

• Allows Full Control Over Schedules – The fully customizable nature of shift scheduling software means that it’s adjustable to meet the needs of all types (and sizes) of medical facilities and clinics.

• Posts Schedules Online – This makes the delivery of the schedule a snap. You can even set things up so that physicians and other staff can directly download their schedules to their calendar programs of choice. No more need to field endless phone calls regarding the schedule.

• Provides Extensive Options for Email or Printing – This means that every member of your staff has options for receiving their schedules in the way that works best for them. Some may need actual documents while others prefer electronic delivery of their schedules.

• Delivers Payroll Reports with Multiple Pay Structures – In other words, even the record keeping is easier to figure and manage when dealing with emergency room physician scheduling software.

• Eliminates Schedule-Related Overtime or Shortages – Unintended overtime and shortages costs emergency facilities money – a lot of money. While occasional overtime or shortages, due to call ins and such, are inevitable, software eliminates them from the actual schedule.

Benefits for Providers

Happy physicians are loyal to the facilities they work for. Scheduling software helps to provide a greatly improved work life balance for physicians, which in turn improves their overall job satisfaction. These are just a few of the ways emergency medicine scheduling software contributes to job satisfaction for physicians and other important medical staff members.

• Offers 24/7 Online Access to Personal Schedules – Physicians can check their schedules when it’s convenient for them to do so. This means they don’t have to call in during certain hours of the day or pay a visit to the ER break room in order to see their schedules in the flesh after hours.

• Allows Exporting of Schedules to Mobile Devices – Giving physicians the option to export their schedules to their mobile devices and automatically to their calendars eliminates mistakes that are commonly made when copying schedules by hand.

• Makes Online Requests for Shifts, Time off, and Vacations Possible – This streamlines the process saving time and energy for administrators and providers while also resulting in fewer misplaces, lost, or forgotten requests.

 •Gives Physicians Options to Manage Availability, Requests, and Confirm Shifts – The easier you make it for physicians to manage their availability, the happier they are going to be about the process.

• Provides an Opportunity for Physicians to Swap or Split Shifts Online – This makes physicians happier by giving them greater control over their schedules while also freeing up valuable administrative time for other needs. With benefits like these, it’s difficult to imagine how busy emergency medicine departments handles their physician scheduling needs before the software existed.

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