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Top reasons to use on-call scheduling software

Posted on 1/11/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As the scheduling manager of a healthcare organization, you’ll be only too aware of how difficult physician scheduling is. As well as having the right level of shift coverage to meet patient needs, you also need to take the needs of your doctors into account, while remembering to make provisions in case emergency coverage is needed.

Other aspects you must consider are vacation requests, weekend time, as well as any part-time physician hours you need to factor in.

Physician scheduling is almost a job within itself and when you’ve so many other duties to attend to it can take a huge chunk of time out of your working week. This is why more and more managers are turning to on-call scheduling software to streamline the process, fulfill provider requests, and to ensure they have exactly the right coverage at any given time.

Why Opt for On-Call Scheduling?

Remaining consistent when creating an on-call schedule is a very common issue found in medical facilities throughout the U.S. Although you may be trying to create a well-rounded schedule, unless there is a robust system in place, it’s often common for staff members to feel resentful, and that they’re working too many or too few hours.

With this in mind, there are various key benefits your facility can depend on to handle the finer points of on-call emergency medicine scheduling:

Improve Efficiency

Every medical facility needs to function as efficiently as possible in order to provide the highest levels of patient care, as well as to keep within budget. This is also very good for employee morale and performance.

Establish Continuity

When you use the same shift scheduling tool for both your regular medical and on-call staff, you create continuity across the board, with everyone being fully aware of their responsibilities. Having a schedule that works the same for all staff, so everyone involved receives the same information and notifications is imperative for a fully functioning unit.

Avoid Suppositions and Assumptions

When everyone has access to view the on-call calendar, this avoids any assumptions or suppositions in terms of what staff member should be covering any given shift. With the correct software in place you can be assured your on-call scheduling is consistent, and transparent to all involved.

In addition to all of these reasons, on call scheduling software provides transparency to your organization by providing visibility to the on-call schedule. When you make the move over to on-call scheduling software, you have the peace of mind that your scheduling runs smoothly, is accessible, and eases your scheduling burdens.

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