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Top seven features of the best physician scheduler

Posted on 3/21/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As a scheduling administrator, you're a busy person. Each minute of your day is important and the best physician scheduler will free up more of your time and take away the tedious work of creating the schedule every week. 

Shift scheduling software offers the scheduling administrator a whole range of benefits and features. It also benefits the providers. Schedule software can improve physicians' work life balance leading to better job satisfaction.

Below are only some of the many features of scheduling software — seven in fact.

1. Web-Based

Since this software is web-based, you can post the schedules online making the distribution of the schedule simple. Doctors and other staff have the ability to download their schedules directly to their preferred calendar programs. Staff members no longer have to rely on phone calls about their schedule.

2. Live 24 Hour Schedule

Emergency medicine scheduling software offers a live 24-hour schedule. Physicians can look at their schedules at their convenience. They no longer need to phone in at certain hours or drive to the facility to see their schedule. They now can check their schedule even after hours.

3. Mobile-Device Friendly

Staff can now trade assignments and fill the schedule from anywhere with a convenient mobile app. Physician scheduling software makes it so easy to make a quick change to the schedule when needed.

4. Time Off Requests

This software streamlines the process of requesting certain shifts, vacation time or time off. There will be fewer requests lost, misplaced or forgotten.

5. Swap Shifts

The software allows your doctors to split or swap shifts right online. This provides them with more control over their schedule and frees up your valuable time. The easier it is for doctors to manage their availability, the more satisfied and happy they'll be which in turn leads to better patient care.

6. Coordinate with Multiple Locations

Creating schedules for multiple locations can become difficult. Software now makes it simple to sit at one computer and customize schedules for various facilities no matter where they're located.

7. Eliminates Shortages or Overtime

Schedule-related shortages or overtime can cost your facility a great deal of money. While there may be occasional shortages and overtime because of physicians and staff calling in, software eliminates unintended shortages or overtime due to scheduling errors.

Bottom line, a physician scheduler will help improve workplace morale and retention. It will save you time and improve patient care. It’s well worth the investment you put into it.

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