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Untangling the tangled task of shift schedules in healthcare

Posted on 2/1/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Healthcare is one of the busiest and most responsible industries around, and with many facilities open long hours, or even 24/7 in the case of hospitals, the task of scheduling is very arduous. This is why more and more facilities are turning to online shift scheduling software to lighten some of their load.

There are numerous ways a practice benefits from online emergency medicine scheduling, and physician scheduling, for example:

Less Time is Spent Scheduling

Rather than taking hours on end, shift schedules can be created in minutes. A good online tool is easy to work with and intuitive, and takes all the hard work out of scheduling so managers can focus on other areas that matter.

Staff are Connected

If the schedule needs to be changed in a hurry, all staff are connected to the main timetable as it’s online. Therefore, they can check their shifts, take open shifts, and request to trade shifts any time they wish to.

Locations are Flexible

Rather than having to manually check and compare different shift schedules for different locations, you can switch between calendars at different locations at the touch of a button. Using software, it’s also possible to assign employees to shifts at either one or multiple locations.

Data Entry is Minimal

Instead of spending hours slaving over your paper schedule or working with Excel, and sending out copies to your employees, you can add and invite workers in seconds. They’ll also get any updates or communications via email or text.

24/7 Access Provides Ease of Use

All staff can stay completely connected to their schedules 24/7 with email notifications, mobile scheduling apps, and text message alerts.

This 24/7 access enables you to find eligible and suitably qualified staff to cover any last-minute shifts. This is as simple as clicking on the shift that needs to be filled, selecting the person you wish to offer it to and hitting send. This way you can offer shifts to multiple providers, and the first person to reply secures them.

Replacements Can be Found On-the-Go

You can easily find replacement staff to cover empty shifts when you’re on-the-go. The second you get a call or text from someone who is unable to make their shift, in seconds you can notify other employees who can cover.

With today’s shift scheduling software, shift arrangement doesn’t need to be the nightmare it once was. Quick, hassle-free scheduling is of benefit to both healthcare staff and patients alike.

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