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Using a healthcare schedule maker to streamline scheduling

Posted on 11/6/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Efficient staff scheduling can be more complex and important in healthcare than it is in various other industries. This is because the healthcare industry requires doctors to work through the night and have staff on call, unlike other industries where staff only works during the day. And it can be even more challenging in the emergency problem. This can make your healthcare scheduling process difficult. However, a healthcare schedule maker can help automate physician scheduling and streamline scheduling.

Below are the benefits of using this software.

1. Maintain Staffing Requirements

Manage float pools, maintain mandated staffing levels and replace no-shows fast. Reduce turnover and improve morale by allowing your doctors to sign up and swap shifts. Providing your physicians with a simple way of requesting time off and swapping shifts makes the scheduling process simpler for everyone.

It can be done through an app or online and this leads to less time you need to spend trying to get a hold of relevant staff when these things happen. Not to mention, emergency medicine scheduling software is simpler to distribute the schedule to everyone once it's been changed. You can amend and distribute the schedule online through an app, unlike with a paper schedule where you'd have to manually amend and distribute it, which could lead to doctors missing their shifts.

2. Allow Physicians and Nurses to Communicate their Preferred Shifts

One of the most essential goals you should keep in mind when you're creating the schedule for your doctors and nurses is to look for ways of creating work shifts that will keep everyone satisfied. Most physicians (and nurses) have a lot on their plates and this is even outside of their job.

Most have families they would love to spend time with when they're not at work. Some nurses are still in nursing school and are juggling between trying to balance their responsibilities at work, nursing school to further their education and home life.

What a great way to start the shift scheduling process than to open all communication lines with your physicians and nurses and actually ask them what their preferred shifts are before you create their schedules. Are there certain days they're unavailable for work? Do they have any availability preferences? You can then sync this data into the scheduling software.

3. Access Data with One Single Solution

A scalable scheduling management program is built specifically for your healthcare institution's needs which feeds the scheduling data right into the healthcare schedule maker program, allowing management complete access to important physician data and doctors with upcoming shifts directly from their mobile devices.

4. Streamline your Scheduling Process

A huge disadvantage of using spreadsheet software to plan your schedules is that, even if your doctors follow the same pattern of shifts each week, you still have to manually input this data. But, if you're using shift scheduling software, the work is automatically done for you. Scheduling software helps keep track of when your physicians are typically scheduled, knows the busy periods and holidays and then turns around and uses this data to plan effective schedules.

When you can integrate a software specialized in scheduling with the existing programs features and capabilities, you can improve your overall workforce management tremendously.

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