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Using hospital staff scheduling software for better in-patient care

Posted on 7/8/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As the hospital director or nurse manager in charge of scheduling, you know how vital your staff is to caring for your in-patient clients. At the same time, staffing is one of the highest costs in the budget of most hospitals. Because of this, staffing has to be managed well in order ensure you have adequate personnel to take care of your patients, and to make sure you are remaining within each department’s budget.

Managing staffing can be an incredibly demanding task, involving much of the time of the individual in charge of staffing. Even smaller hospitals know how involved the process of predicting patient census and scheduling staff can be. Using emergency medicine scheduling software streamlines the process, making it simpler to provider excellent in-patient care.

Hospital staff scheduling software uses detailed analytics to help with predicting inpatient patient volumes for accurate shift scheduling. Hospital staff scheduling is dependent on various factors, and scheduling software uses the several strategies to guarantee your department is staffed well.

Physician scheduling and hospital staff scheduling software helps you work with baseline forecast and then adjust that forecast based on data specific to the region where your hospital is located. The software can also take into account the season, holidays, events, and location health alerts.

Additionally length of stay and admit hold can also help to provide the most accurate forecast. In order to guarantee appropriate physician and nurse scheduling, a hospital staff scheduling software program is a tool that helps schedule staff in relation to predicting patient census according to hour of the day, day of the week, and month of the year.

Emergency medicine software can help you more easily update schedules based on the most recent data concerning patient inflow to ensure your current patient case load is appropriately staffed.

Lastly, various aspects of your staff’s schedules including their PTO requests, shift swaps, and certification and education hours are taken into account before create a staff schedule.

Exceptional patient care and employee satisfaction is highly dependent on accurate staffing levels. Hospital staff and physician scheduling software has been found to be incredibly beneficial. The benefits include:

  • Accurate schedule has been shown to decrease hospital wait times, resulting in higher patient satisfaction.
  • Increased productivity for the director or manager in charge of scheduling.
  • Increased employee satisfaction due to accurate scheduling and adequate staffing based for patient census.
  • Aiding in avoiding overtime hours, which are a huge staffing cost for many hospitals.
  • Better in-patient care which helps make your hospital more competitive in the marketplace.
  • A reduction of hours worked by hospital staff.

Forecasting inpatient census in order to accurately schedule your healthcare staff is an incredibly complicated process which uses several factors to predict staff needs. However, by using hospital staff scheduling software, directors and nurse managers can streamline the process and rest assured that the most accurate information is being used to schedule staff and provide the best patient care.

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