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Using hospital staff scheduling software to provide better healthcare

Posted on 11/14/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency medicine scheduling presents a lot of challenges. Many, if not all, healthcare organizations have multiple job positions where there's a need for different work schedules and different specific skills. If you're looking to bring sense to your medical facility, an organized schedule is a must.

Fortunately, there's scheduling software that can make things easier for you by organizing your employee schedules in the cloud, streamlining your scheduling system and saving both time and money. Below are some ways you can provide better healthcare with hospital staff scheduling software.

Easier and Faster Scheduling

Creating the schedule has never been simpler. Rather than spending hours trying to organize shifts for your physicians, nurses and other medical staff, you can now spend minutes.

Fill Open Shifts Easily

Identify qualified medical staff quickly and contact them to fill open shifts. With only a couple clicks of the mouse, you can fill schedule holes. Just tell the program your criteria and it displays a ranked list of all your available staff members to fill a shift. You can input any criteria you want including job position, seniority, labor cost, availability and work hour limits.

Avoid Human Error

While humans can make mistakes, physician scheduling software doesn't. For instance, if you overbook a shift or forget one, the program notifies you immediately of the error and allows you to correct it right away.

Stop Scheduling Abuse

On-call scheduling is a common type of scheduling abuse. This is where managers or scheduling administrators schedule employees to "potentially" work a shift. Employees must be available for those hours if the manager decides to call them in. However, the employees aren't guaranteed they'll actually have to work.

Some other common scheduling abuses include:

- Creating the schedule only hours or days in advance.
- Cancelling an employee's shift at the last minute.
- Updating the schedule only hours or days in advance.
- Expecting your staff to work past their scheduled time, without even asking them if they can.

The staff members at least get paid for the last two; however, this type of abuse can still leave them feeling disrespected like you don't care about their lives and can switch or schedule their shifts or keep them late without asking. This can be frustrating to your employees and hurt their morale, leading to poor quality healthcare.

Flexible Scheduling for Multiple Locations

Hospital staff scheduling software allows you to create work schedules easily for the entire hospital, certain departments or units, or an integrated delivery network. With this program, you can define work locations for your organization, designating authorized workstations for physicians and doctors. If by chance, a doctor is assigned to a location that's not authorized, you'll be alerted immediately.

You'll know where each doctor or nurse is instantly from one computer screen. There's no more need of flipping through pages of paper to find out who’s on-call, out sick or working overtime. View rotation and shift scheduling for any date at any location. Get access to reports to gain visibility into the cost data and scheduling activities of a specific location or multiple locations.

While you can't always avoid overtime or employees calling in sick, with physician scheduling software, you can automate the process of creating an organized and happy schedule so everyone's efforts can focus on what's important — your patients.

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