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Using scheduling software to create fair shift schedules

Posted on 8/1/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

An essential part of operating a business is being able to create an effective schedule for employees. When it comes to hospitals and other medical facilities, this general rule isn’t any different. And it may be even more vital in an emergency medicine department.

For schedulers, this process can be overwhelming and is often met with frustration. Shift scheduling can be a challenge because it’s important that the schedule is fair for the medical staff and that it’s accommodating — all the while meeting the needs of the patients.

Fortunately, scheduling software can be helpful at creating flexible shift schedules. Here’s are some tips for creating an effective shift.

Select A Scheduling Software

Before you began the emergency medicine scheduling process, you should first settle on the best schedule builder software for your facility. The schedule builder is the most important tool that you’ll need. The forecasting system should be user-friendly and allow you to be able to schedule employees to a shift in a systematic way.

Scheduling software can involve the use of templates allowing you to drag and drop medical providers into a specific slot. The software lets you see an overview in days, weeks and months. You’ll be able to create copies and send them to each staff member in hard copy form, or you can enable online access.

Plan a Schedule Forecast Ahead of Time

Often, schedulers make the mistake of creating the employee schedule a week in advance and sometimes even days before the new work period begins. This can inconvenience workers because it prevents them from being able to plan they're week accordingly. Keep in mind that in addition to they're work life, employees are also balancing other roles such as; being a parent, student or even a caretaker for a family member. Consider creating the schedule at least two weeks in advance to prevent scheduling conflict.

Distribute the Online Shift Schedule

Technological advances have made it easier to distribute shift schedules to the entire staff. An efficient scheduling software will allow employees to easily view their weekly schedules. Schedules printed on paper is outdated and they leave room for error. Using a digital physician scheduling software ensures that everyone is notified on when they're supposed to work and is made of aware of any changes.

Allow Employees to Have A Say So

To create a fair schedule you’ll need to give the staff an opportunity to have some control of shift scheduling. Scheduling software provides a place for employees to request specific days off, swap shifts or even claim the days they want to work.

Using a reliable system that employees can make requests and trades will ensure that you run a smooth operation. Better yet, you’ll have peace of mind.

Follow the above tips when using scheduling software to create fair and equitable shift schedules.

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