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Variables to take Into account when crafting an ER doctor schedule

Posted on 4/22/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

The ER doctor schedule is no ordinary task. There's nothingtypical about the process. The emergency medicine scheduling model is driven bya number of factors, like the different types of coverage (single, double,overlapping, etc.), reducing physician burnout, physician schedulingpreferences, and more.

Eachhospital setting is not only different, but each doctor has their ownpreferences in terms of scheduling. The ER department staff model combined withphysician preferences could become a possible nightmare if you don't prepare inadvance.

Youneed to take personal physician factors into account, along with yourfacility's present needs. Shift hours can vary in terms of the times, thenumber of hours and the days of the week.

Somefactors that could affect the shift scheduling process for your ER are:

  • The way you see patients. Environmental and social situations can create an influx of patients at any given time.
  • Cold, flu, and virus seasons. Your physicians can become sick too and this could affect how many physicians you have available to take care of an increase in patients. Not to mention, you need to consider viruses too, such as the coronavirus we're now dealing with.
  • Skills needed. Do you have physicians specially qualified for specific situations like the coronavirus or perhaps a gunshot wound? What about kids' diseases?
  • Scheduling preferences. Many ER doctors appreciate having the ability to balance out their work and life, just like everyone else. They also may also have specific holiday preferences. Because of this, it's imperative you factor this into their schedules.
  • Education: Physicians, particularly in the ER, must maintain their skills and keep them up-to-date. This means they will need time off for seminars, continuing education, and workshops, which can decrease their ER availability.
  • Physician burnout. This is a huge factor since it could lead to physician attrition and poor patient care. And, it is highly prevalent in many physician specialties.

Onegreat way to help organize an efficient physician scheduling system is by usingscheduling software. Shift scheduling software helps you generate a schedule inminutes practically. Normally, it could take you hours and hours to generatethe physician schedule, whereas with emergency medicine scheduling software,you can now create it in less than 20 minutes or so. You can take the mentionedfactors into account and set parameters in the program.

ERdoctor schedule software is a very important resource, allowing you to key inyour physicians' personal needs, the requirements for skills and staffing youcurrently require in the ER and the mandated hospital guidelines for patientloads, staffing minimums and other criteria.

Ifyour hospital or network is not using ER scheduling software, you’re leavingefficiencies and profits on the table. Talk to us today to learn how ByteBlocER physician scheduling software can benefit your organization. Learn moreabout ByteBloc software features here and call 

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