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What is ER boarding and how does it affect physician scheduling

Posted on 6/22/2023 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
ER Boarding is a patient's admission to the emergency room (ER) while awaiting an inpatient bed.

Boarding is the leading cause of overcrowding in the waiting room and the emergency room. This leads to increased patient waiting times, reduced quality of care, and poor clinical outcomes. Patient boarding in the emergency department (ED) is a significant issue, leading to poor patient throughput, increased hospital costs, and a lack of physicians’ efficiency and productivity.

Increasing the emergency department's capacity is not a good idea for eliminating boarding. Read on to learn how you can eliminate ER boarding.

How to Eliminate Boarding

Here are ways hospitals can eliminate ER boarding:

1) Optimize patient throughput.

When an emergency department (ED) becomes overcrowded, it can lead to poor patient flow and poor quality care, affecting patient satisfaction. Patient throughput is crucial in avoiding this.

Patient throughput involves the movement of patients from the admission state to the discharge state. This process ensures that patients receive quality care at the right time. As a result, patients seeking care expect it to be available when needed. The impact of patient throughput eliminates ER boarding and increases patient satisfaction.

2) Schedule more staff.

Staff scheduling is crucial in healthcare services. It is critical for hospitals to schedule more staff to accommodate more patients, provide quality care, and keep ER wait times productive and sensible. Since the patient’s health depends on the quality of staff available.

Furthermore, it is critical to schedule these staff for the proper time. A shift scheduling system ensures the right staff is assigned to the right shifts.

3) Utilize physician scheduling.

Hospitals need physicians of various experts to ensure patient care and satisfaction.

Medical scheduling software plays a crucial role in patient satisfaction and ER crowding. Having the right amount of resources, with the right qualification and experience level, can significantly enhance the quality of service for patients, reduce physicians' fatigue, and increase their productivity.

A physician scheduling system helps reduce time and effort in creating physician schedulers.

4) Improve patient ER care.

Improving patients’ care in emergency rooms is essential to eliminate boarding and reduce inpatient admission. This is crucial because patients who get better care are prone to leave in time.

Inadequate patient care results in overcrowded emergency rooms, poor quality care, and reduced patient satisfaction.


ER boarding can affect the productivity and well-being of physicians. Make sure you opt for an emergency medicine scheduling system to help reduce burnout and increase productivity. Contact us today to request a free demo of the software.

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