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What to look for when comparing physician scheduling software platform

Posted on 12/9/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Different medical specialties, like radiology, for instance, come with their own unique challenges. When it comes to radiologists, they not only have to provide their expertise in diagnostic and interventional imaging to an extremely high patient volume, but they also must be present throughout hospitals and health systems in discrete departments as well as follow various types of workflow processes continually.

The challenges medical professionals face directly impact operational and workforce efficiencies and patient outcomes - not to mention physician satisfaction. However, there's an innovative and practical solution for addressing these and other challenges. Medical professionals can effectively ensure quality patient care even with high patient volumes through the use of emergency medicine scheduling and physician scheduling software.

In the example of radiologists again, they must cope with the high patient demand for interventional and diagnostic imaging within health systems. A large number of imaging procedures can be overwhelming and even confusing for both doctors and their patients. And often, they have to perform multiple imaging procedures upon admission to a single patient.

But, it’s not just radiology practices that face these types of challenges and demands, many general and specialty practices do so too. Doctor scheduling software can help streamline the physician scheduling process in a variety of healthcare sectors to ensure adequate coverage, better operational and workforce efficiencies, and patient incomes.

Features to Look for When Comparing Physician Scheduling Software

When you're comparing scheduling software, here are some features to look for in the software:

• Posting of updated online schedules
• Staging of shift balancing and doctor requests
• Full schedule control through advanced features
• Multiple pay structure payroll reports
• Automated future and on/off requests
• Enter requests for time on/off, shifts, holidays, and vacation
• 24/7 access to online personalized schedules
• Manage requests, availability and confirm shifts
• Swap-meet for splitting of shifts and available shifts

Shift scheduling enables a real-time, centralized database of doctor schedules which leads to total transparency into where and when they should be provided time during a shift.

Doctors can better manage their time when you have a scheduling solution, which means they can adequately meet procedural demands, mitigate or eliminate logistical constraints, and temper different workflow processes. And, when these different outcomes are met, it means operational workforce efficiencies and patient care improves as well as physician satisfaction.

Between meeting high patient demand levels, managing contrasting workflow processes, and working in discrete health systems and departments, physician scheduling software is a must for your healthcare department -- whatever your practice specializes in because all specialize in quality patient care.

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