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What you should know about emergency room scheduling software

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency medicine scheduling requires around-the-clock staffing with the right set of skills. For this to be successful, ER departments need emergency room scheduling software that can build schedules for multiple sub-specialties and an unlimited number of physicians, while providing updates in real-time.

Scheduling software can involve using a rules-based system to ensure every clinical rule, union policy and human resources protocol is enforced automatically.

Beneficial Features of Emergency Room Scheduling Software

1. Improves Employee Productivity

Doctors frequently work irregular and long shifts which can take a toll on their interactions with family and friends and on their social lives. When using automated scheduling software, it provides doctors the convenience of knowing exactly when they're working. Plus, doctor frustration is minimized since their updated schedules are available in real-time online, resulting in better performance, increased productivity and improved staff retention.

What’s more, is the ability to help with reducing physician burnout, which is a common factor many emergency departments experience with their doctor staff.

2. Mobile Access

Emergency medicine scheduling software provides you with updated live mobile schedule access, which is key today when everyone uses their smartphones for many of their daily living and work tasks. The software's mobile application provides you with instant schedule access on your favorite tablet or smartphone. You can make requests, view your schedules and see who is working. Also, it syncs with your device calendar, keeping your schedule up-to-date.

3. Fast Request Processing

With so many doctors and other staff members on the schedule, it's no surprise you'll have to manage a huge volume of requests. Scheduling software lets you automatically process requests for future time off and shift on/off, shift swaps and shift change proposals, vacation days, CMEs and more.

You can even make specifications on the types of requests you want to automatically approve and those you'd rather review manually. Scheduling software screens each request you receive based on your policies and rules as well as blocks those violating your requirements.

4. Lots of Extra Other Features

Other features of physician scheduling software include:
- Flexible schedules with multiple day types
- Powerful scheduler and customizer
- Multi-location schedules with advanced features
- Shift classifications and shift relationships
- Sharing of documents, information and messages

Emergency medicine is a specialty that's quite complex, involves patient life and death situations, and requires set shift scheduling rules as well as the flexibility of being able to accommodate shift change requests every month. Emergency room scheduling software can help make this happen. Contact us today to request a free demo of the software or to learn more about the benefits it can offer your ER department.

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