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Why use physician assistant scheduling software in your medical practice

Posted on 3/14/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
In a 2018 U.S. News and World Report article, the physician assistant (PA) position came in third in the report's best health care jobs ranking. PAs are licensed medical providers who diagnose patients, treat their illness, and prescribe them medication. They work with licensed physicians in settings such as: Clinics, Hospitals, and Physician offices.

The benefits of a physician assistant to a medical practice outweigh the cost to hire them considerably. And, they often increase revenue for both the practice and doctors. Therefore, it is to your advantage that you ensure they are scheduled fairly and accurately.

Often, physician scheduling can be challenging and any bit of schedule management and automation can help tremendously. One of the simplest ways to improve new patient growth, improve the satisfaction level of your existing patients, and reduce manual tasks, is to implement physician assistant scheduling software. Here are just some of the benefits.

Benefits of Physician Assistant Schedule Software

PA scheduling software provides many benefits including:

Increase Patient Satisfaction

When you have empty shift slots on your schedule, you have patients that have to wait to be seen or don't get the quality care they deserve. To ensure patient satisfaction, you need to make sure your schedule is completely filled.

Enables Physician Assistants the Ability to Request Time off

With physician scheduling software, physician assistants can inform you of their availability online instantly. It is now easier for them to ask for vacation days, request time off and confirm they're available for certain shifts before you even sit down to generate the schedule.

Emergency medicine scheduling, when done manually, can take hours to create and if you happen to misplace a vacation request, you'll have to either start the schedule all over again or disappoint the PA. With shift scheduling software, this isn't an issue any more.

Shift Trading

PA scheduling software enables PAs the ability to split or trade shifts online. Sometimes, you may have a PA who has to swap shifts with another PA after you've already created the schedule because something came up. They might only need a couple hours off their shift. Either way, you can't control unexpected occurrences in your employees' lives.

However, you can rearrange the schedule easier when you have shift scheduling software since your PAs can simply go online and trade their shifts without you even being involved. The ability to trade shifts like this is even more important when you're dealing with multi-location health networks.

Mobile Access

When you can provide your employees with mobile access to their schedules, it will help increase productivity. Since your PAs can now access their schedule online wherever and whenever they wish to, they're more inclined to communicate and stay connected with other staff members.

When physician scheduling turns into less of a daunting and demanding task, your practice capacity will increase. When your physician assistants have more freedom to adjust, tweak or even trade their shifts online, they'll be more prepared, rested and capable of providing patients with quality care.

Thousands of patients every day receive high-quality health care because physician assistants exist. PAs are essential to increasing access to quality health care to patients both in the local communities and rural areas. Therefore, it's important you provide your PAs with an organized and fair schedule to keep them happy so they keep the patients happy.

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