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Why you need to implement on-call scheduling software in 2020

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
On call scheduling software helps to enhance your patient's experience by helping you strengthen communications, improve workflows, eliminate errors and increase efficiency. If you haven't yet implemented it, you might be convinced to do so in 2020 after reading about all the benefits it can provide your organization.

Benefits of On Call Scheduling Software

Some key benefits of on call scheduling software include:

1. Provide Better Patient Care

Doctors, operators and staff can all use physician scheduling software and gain access to their on-call schedules, for enterprise-wide, accurate communications. Using mobile and web access, doctors have a quick way of creating, viewing and editing on-call schedules from just about anywhere.

2. Updates Schedule Changes in Real-Time

Emergency medicine scheduling software ensures any changes to the schedule are updated in real-time and are reflected accurately across your entire healthcare facility. This is imperative in environments where on-call staffing is necessary.

3. Communicate Effectively

Hosting central on-call schedules in software allows doctors to quickly access the correct resource and text, call or securely message them without the need of checking in with an administrative resource or call center. Doctors can also use their mobile devices to manage assignment changes in real-time so staff can feel confident the available data is up-to-date and accurate.

4. Better Work-Life Balance

Shift scheduling software allows your staff to quickly see an up-to-the-second, live calendar of who's on call at any time and in any department right from their computer or smartphone. The implementation of physician scheduling software has proven to save both money and time while creating an ideal work-life balance for doctors. It’s also an essential tool to help reduce physician burnout, which is an ever-present threat many healthcare organizations face.

5. Organized and Accurate

When you eliminate the confusion of who the proper point of contact is, getting a hold of staff in an instant manner with instant messaging is now more streamlined. Being able to house and distribute schedules for departments, team members, external partners and organizations all within one centralized system will simplify the nightmare of maintaining coordinated personnel calendars.

6. Security

Healthcare facilities require extra security with data, since information breaches are becoming a popular headline in today’s world. This includes the schedule, as both physician and patient information can be vulnerable when you share data through documents like Google Sheets. Shift scheduling software almost eliminates the risk of this very sensitive data from being leaked. It comes with data encryption and other security measures to protect both doctors and patients.

With a central repository location for on-call scheduling information, on call scheduling software makes information and analytics linked with the on-call work effort readily visible and available to your doctors and other team members. If you haven’t yet looked into on-call scheduling software, make it a goal for your organization in 2020.

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