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Why your medical facility needs an automated physician schedule maker

Posted on 1/21/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Putting together a workable schedule for physicians, called shift scheduling, in a healthcare facility is much like a maze with a hundred dead ends. Pen and paper doesn’t work anymore. Instead, modern offices have come to rely on automated physician scheduling software.

The Challenge

Whether you’re dealing with scheduling for an operating room or emergency medicine scheduling, you need to make sure that the right staff is in place, around the clock. Consider the many factors that complicate the physician scheduling process:

  • Physicians who also have private practices
  • Scheduling rounds and on-calls shifts
  • Staff requests for days off
  • Shift preferences
  • Shift conflicts
  • Union requirements
  • Licensing requirements

Trying to do the job with pen and paper is excruciating. Even using a physician schedule maker that doesn’t let you enter your own parameters can make the job turn into a hair puller. And it needs to be done each shift, each day, each week, month after month, and year after year.

Advantages of Automated Physician Scheduling

With the proper type of scheduling software though, you can get the job done in minutes, not hours or even days. Even if an unexpected request comes in to change shifts or due to illness, the process is fast and accurate.

The software lets you deal with details and reduces and even eliminates the chance of human error. It also makes it easy for physicians to submit their requests for shift preferences, time off quickly and conveniently. As the scheduler, you have easy access to their preferences.

The entire schedule for each physician can easily be uploaded to the internet. The information is available for each person involved 24 hours a day, ready for synchronizing with online personal calendars. It saves medical professionals time and provides consistency.

You can easily fill last minute holes in the schedule as well. Since you have each physician’s details handy, you never waste time trying to fill a last minute shift change with someone who isn’t available or qualified.

Physicians Prefer It

Medical personnel encourage the use of automated physician scheduling because it reduces burnout. They are more rested because the shifts accommodate their personal needs. This results in better morale and job satisfaction. As an added benefit, using a physician schedule maker can result in better retention rates.

It helps to improve patient care because all shifts get filled by rested physicians. The fact that schedules are more equitable helps reduce frustration levels and leads to better productivity.

For the staff doing the actual scheduling, it means less work and quick, effective rescheduling when last-minute problems come up.

There is no need to make scheduling a frustrating, extended process that continually needs reworking. With the aid of automated scheduling software, you can determine in minutes the most effective mix of physicians to cover each shift, providing patients with the quality care they need and deserve 24 hours a day.

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