If you are performing your initial configuration of the 'Providers' screen from the 'Scheduler tab'. The Scheduler can produce schedules even if all you simply enter are the names of your providers. The remaining options are either automatically set to standard values or do not need to be used, but are available if required by your schedule. A brief description of the purpose of each of the available selections is shown below to help you decide which options you want to use.


You normally configure the Scheduler for your scheduled providers through an entry form that contains all needed customization options for an individual provider, displayed when you click the 'Edit Provider' button. The other configurable screens display information which mostly duplicates information shown on the main menu, but allows you to examine and modify specific information (such as requested hours) for all providers rather than all information for a single provider as is shown on the 'Providers' screen.



The columns display and for each active and inactive provider. If you want to update a provider's settings select the check box located next to their name and click on the 'Edit Provider' button or click on any other button from the top menu without the check box selected. All of the providers will be listed for each screen except for the 'Edit Provider' screen.


The various entry areas index the provider's settings according to each provider's individual requirements.


1. Provider: The printed names of the providers will be listed.


2. Provider Groups: (Optional) You can manage 'Groups' for staging a 'Requests' or 'As-scheduled' schedule for your providers in multiple groups based on the publication. If there's no custom group set up, the 'Default provider group' will be displayed.


3. Abbr: To simplify entry of your requests in the Scheduler, it creates a unique three letter abbreviation for each provider by default.


4. Color: (Optional) Use a color for a provider.


5. Relation Model: Manage how your shifts relate to each other.


6. Day Cycle: (Optional) Configure a daily cycle.


7. Day Cycle Start Date: (Optional) Select start date for the day cycle.


8. Monthly Cycles: (Optional) Configure a monthly occurrence.


9. Edit Provider: Edit individual provider information.


10. Provider Cycles: (Optional) Assign cycles to providers.


11. Provider Information: Edit your provider's current settings including hours and shift request, sequence of shifts, and shift preferences.


12. Template Provider: (Optional) Set the template provider. The template providers values will be used when creating future providers.


13. Provider Groups: (Optional) Manage provider groups


14. Category Bias: (Optional) Manage bias applied for provider for summary categories.





Warning: If the template isn't set up for a provider, a warning message will display at the top of the page, 'No provider is specified the can be used as a template for new providers'.